*Free Online Bibles has changed its address…

Hello friends. This is just to inform you that my Bibles site, Free Online Bibles, has moved to a new address. It is now located at: books.swordsmanoftheword.com/fs/bibles/ This is no longer an independent website, but part of a larger one. Also, I’ve made some changes in its appearance that make it even better than beforeContinue reading “*Free Online Bibles has changed its address…”

*Publishing Christian Books Online

Hello friends. As you have seen, I’ve been distracted from studying and writing by my latest works for Swordsman Network — planning its future, redesigning this website, publishing audiobooks, and creating a new foundational site, Free Online Bibles. Also, as I told you, I’ve wanted to finish publishing the WEB Audio Bible ASAP. But God,Continue reading “*Publishing Christian Books Online”

*My New Bibles Website

Hello friends. I have a brand-new site for Swordsman Network, and it’s called — simply enough — Free Online Bibles. In this website, I have gathered into one place three of the best Bibles from eBible.org — WEB, ASV, & KJV — and I’ve used the very HTML pages they are published in (which areContinue reading “*My New Bibles Website”

*Website Redesigned

Hello friends. In the light of the new path that Swordsman Network is taking — to become a full-fledged website that serves as the news, portal, and resource site for Swordsman of the Word — a website that hosts audiobooks as its special function — I’ve had to change this blog’s theme and then redesignedContinue reading “*Website Redesigned”