*Trying out ClassicPress

Hello friends. Just a quick update. As I said in my last announcement, I’ve been busy these past few weeks laying down the path for my migration to self-hosted WordPress as my transitional CMS. And the result of this work is that I now have a prototype website that I can reproduce as many timesContinue reading “*Trying out ClassicPress”

*WordPress as Transition CMS

Hello friends. I know that you’re wondering what’s happening to me, and so here’s an update. Well, the truth is, I’ve been resting — losing myself again in the world of fiction — and trying to bring myself into the right mental and emotional states. Because honestly, I’ve been deeply disappointed that my work ofContinue reading “*WordPress as Transition CMS”

*Migration Updates Summary

Hello friends. Here now is the summary of my migration updates. But first, you should know that because of my lack of resources, my move to a self-hosted CMS has reached an impasse. My hopes for some provision have not happened yet, and so I’m stuck. And when it does resume, it’ll take me manyContinue reading “*Migration Updates Summary”

*And so… Tiki Wiki it is!

Hello friends. Just a quick update. I’ve managed to install Tiki in my DIY webhost (yay!), and things are looking good. (There are some PHP warnings and errors, but since my installation went smoothly, I think that those are just normal.) And so… unless some things go seriously wrong, I will now be using TikiContinue reading “*And so… Tiki Wiki it is!”

*b2evolution & Tiki Wiki

Hello friends. Here’s another migration update. I said in my last announcement that, unless something goes wrong, I’ll be using the b2evolution CMS for Swordsman Network. Well, something has indeed gone wrong (or rather, had). I didn’t notice it before because it was announced in the founder’s personal blog. And the bad news is thatContinue reading “*b2evolution & Tiki Wiki”

*From WordPress to b2evolution

Hello friends. In my last migration updates, I said that I’m really going to use the WordPress.org software when I leave WordPress.com and go self-hosted. However, my doubts about WordPress won’t leave me, and so I had no choice but to keep on looking for CMS alternatives. (Fortunately, because I do have some advanced computerContinue reading “*From WordPress to b2evolution”

*Migration updates… plus Ads monetization

Hello friends. Here now are my latest updates about my migration of Swordsman Network to self-hosted WordPress. (I’ve given this all my attention until the way forward is clear.) Firstly, despite its performance and security issues, I really am using the WordPress.org software, and not any other CMSes, for the following reasons: 1) it’s theContinue reading “*Migration updates… plus Ads monetization”

*Free Online Bibles has changed its address…

Hello friends. This is just to inform you that my Bibles site, Free Online Bibles, has moved to a new address. It is now located at: books.swordsmanoftheword.com/fs/bibles/ This is no longer an independent website, but part of a larger one. Also, I’ve made some changes in its appearance that make it even better than beforeContinue reading “*Free Online Bibles has changed its address…”

*Publishing Christian Books Online

Hello friends. As you have seen, I’ve been distracted from studying and writing by my latest works for Swordsman Network — planning its future, redesigning this website, publishing audiobooks, and creating a new foundational site, Free Online Bibles. Also, as I told you, I’ve wanted to finish publishing the WEB Audio Bible ASAP. But God,Continue reading “*Publishing Christian Books Online”

*Changes to The Swordsman Network

Hello friends. I’ve started the process of moving this blog and transforming it into a static website. Traffic to swordsmanoftheword.com now goes to this blog’s new place in NearlyFreeSpeech.net. It’s an inexpensive DIY web hosting service that is also a strong proponent of free speech (one that is even more permissive than WordPress.com). I’m hopingContinue reading “*Changes to The Swordsman Network”