*Changes to The Swordsman Network

Hello friends. I’ve started the process of moving this blog and transforming it into a static website. Traffic to swordsmanoftheword.com now goes to this blog’s new place in NearlyFreeSpeech.net. It’s an inexpensive DIY web hosting service that is also a strong proponent of free speech (one that is even more permissive than WordPress.com). I’m hoping that Swordsman of the Word has indeed found its new home, and that I wouldn’t have to move again for many years to come.

Anyway, this announcement talks about the changes that this move brings to The Swordsman Network. And the most important of these changes is that I won’t be closing down this original blog of Swordsman of the Word after all, but repurposing it. Yay!

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*Swordsman of the Word is moving…

Hello friends. BIG NEWS. I’m moving Swordsman of the Word to a new web hosting service. More, I’m rebuilding it from a dynamic WordPress site to a static website using Hugo. But first, before I talk more about this….

I said in my last announcement that, because I’m going to close down my Patreon account, I’ve created two new accounts in Ko-fi and Liberapay to handle your gifts to me — Ko-fi for one-time donations, and Liberapay for recurrent donations. However, because of PayPal limitations in Liberapay, I’ve closed down my account on it just a few days later.

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