*Trying out ClassicPress

Hello friends. Just a quick update. As I said in my last announcement, I’ve been busy these past few weeks laying down the path for my migration to self-hosted WordPress as my transitional CMS. And the result of this work is that I now have a prototype website that I can reproduce as many timesContinue reading “*Trying out ClassicPress”

*WordPress as Transition CMS

Hello friends. I know that you’re wondering what’s happening to me, and so here’s an update. Well, the truth is, I’ve been resting — losing myself again in the world of fiction — and trying to bring myself into the right mental and emotional states. Because honestly, I’ve been deeply disappointed that my work ofContinue reading “*WordPress as Transition CMS”

*Migration Updates Summary

Hello friends. Here now is the summary of my migration updates. But first, you should know that because of my lack of resources, my move to a self-hosted CMS has reached an impasse. My hopes for some provision have not happened yet, and so I’m stuck. And when it does resume, it’ll take me manyContinue reading “*Migration Updates Summary”

*And so… Tiki Wiki it is!

Hello friends. Just a quick update. I’ve managed to install Tiki in my DIY webhost (yay!), and things are looking good. (There are some PHP warnings and errors, but since my installation went smoothly, I think that those are just normal.) And so… unless some things go seriously wrong, I will now be using TikiContinue reading “*And so… Tiki Wiki it is!”

*b2evolution & Tiki Wiki

Hello friends. Here’s another migration update. I said in my last announcement that, unless something goes wrong, I’ll be using the b2evolution CMS for Swordsman Network. Well, something has indeed gone wrong (or rather, had). I didn’t notice it before because it was announced in the founder’s personal blog. And the bad news is thatContinue reading “*b2evolution & Tiki Wiki”

*From WordPress to b2evolution

Hello friends. In my last migration updates, I said that I’m really going to use the WordPress.org software when I leave WordPress.com and go self-hosted. However, my doubts about WordPress won’t leave me, and so I had no choice but to keep on looking for CMS alternatives. (Fortunately, because I do have some advanced computerContinue reading “*From WordPress to b2evolution”

*Migration updates… plus Ads monetization

Hello friends. Here now are my latest updates about my migration of Swordsman Network to self-hosted WordPress. (I’ve given this all my attention until the way forward is clear.) Firstly, despite its performance and security issues, I really am using the WordPress.org software, and not any other CMSes, for the following reasons: 1) it’s theContinue reading “*Migration updates… plus Ads monetization”

*Moving to self-hosted WordPress

Hello friends. BIG NEWS. I’m going to move Swordsman Network and Swordsman Beginnings to a single self-hosted WordPress site (using the open-source software from WordPress.org). The new website will still be called Swordsman Network, but with my study journal now an integral part of it. Also, my plan to host and curate Christian resources remainsContinue reading “*Moving to self-hosted WordPress”