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The following are conservative Christian resources that are either hosted or curated in this website. Many are free audiobooks from LibriVox (with their text available online). Some are embedded videos from YouTube. And some are text only, for plain reading.

My purpose in collecting these resources is twofold: first, to help you, beloved reader, make a good start in your studies and inquiries about the Christian faith; and second, to shield you somehow from the vast amount of Christian literature and multimedia out there, which could easily overwhelm you and intimidate you. These resources can give you a stable grounding before you tackle the wider world of Christianity.

And so… have a blessed and fruitful time exploring these treasures, my friend!

If you’re looking for Bibles to read, I have a separate website, Free Online Bibles, that hosts the WEB, ASV, & KJV. It offers a more private experience than other Bible sites.

For the Earnest Inquirer

  • All of Grace (CHS) (LibriVox)
  • Around the Wicket Gate (CHS) (LibriVox)
  • According to Promise (CHS) (LibriVox)

Knowing the Bible More

Delving Into Matthew’s Gospel

  • The Gospel of Matthew (KJV) (LibriVox)
  • The Gospel of Matthew (ASV) (LibriVox)
  • Henry’s Concise Commentary on Matthew (LibriVox)
  • Chrysostom’s Homilies on Matthew (Vols. 1-5) (LibriVox)

Sermons From Faith-Giants

  • Sermons by John Calvin (LibriVox)
  • Sermons by Jonathan Edwards (LibriVox)
  • Sermons by Charles Spurgeon (LibriVox)
  • Sermons by Charles Spurgeon (SpurgeonGems)

Other Resources

  • Empty links above are projects that are still in the future, though I’m working to publish these resources as soon as possible. My priorities are the WEB Audio Bible and the works by Charles Spurgeon. (However, because I lack the resources, completing these projects might not be as quickly as I like.)
  • The audiobooks’ MP3 files will already take up most of the storage space of this website. And so, no more audiobooks can be added to the list, except by upgrading this site’s plan to increase its files storage capacity. If God provides for this upgrade (a Premium Plan that costs ₱5,000/year), I’m planning to add, for starters, a Catechism & Theology section for more mature Christians. This section will contain the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Westminster Larger Catechism, John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vols. 1-4), and perhaps works by other Reformed authors, like B.B. Warfield. Whatever else I can find in LibriVox.
  • When I’m finished with the above projects, even without yet the Catechism & Theology section, I’m planning to publish more Christian books as simple HTML websites. Foremost in my list is Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible.

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