*My Study & Blogging References

My Bibles

Hello friends. I just want to present to you the Bibles and other references I’ll be using in my studies and blogging. As you may have realized, with my study journal, Swordsman Beginnings, I’m killing two birds with one stone: using materials and inspiration from my required studies to write my blog posts.

For now my studies are focused on the Bible, and I’m going back to the basics — to strengthen my own foundations by remembering the fundamentals, and to bring you along with me in that exciting and discovery-filled journey.

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*Closing down Swordsman Community and my other sites

Hello friends. As you already know, my blogging efforts for the next few years will be focused on my new study-journal blog, Swordsman Beginnings. In view of this, I’m closing down temporarily some of my sites and accounts that are connected to The Swordsman Network.

Of my ministry sites, I’m retaining only the following:

  • My main web address at swordsmanoftheword.com
  • My blog for The Swordsman Network
  • My blog for Swordsman Beginnings
  • My Ko-fi page for your donations

And of my social media accounts, I’m retaining only Facebook.

I would have liked to resume writing for Swordsman Community, but the sad fact is that I just cannot, not in my present circumtances.

And as to my main web address, I will put up there a better landing page explaining the present state of the ministry.

I will make these changes over the next several days.

SB: Rising Up Again From the Pain

Matthew 11:28-30 WEB
Post from Swordsman Beginnings

To live our lives so that we don’t regret anything — this is what some people believe in. And yet, regret is not just that feeling of sorrow or despair over something that we should have or shouldn’t have done. It is also that pain over some wrongs that have been done to us.

I had a few regrets of my own over things I’d done these past several years; however, these were regrets I easily made peace with. And that was because I’ve done my best in following God, and I’ve done my best in keeping my faith, and so whatever mistakes I’d made, I was able to forgive myself.

But what of the other kind of regret? Well, I do have plenty of that, and I’m still limping even now, and I still sometimes bleed because of wounds that are taking a long time to heal.


*Writing for My Study Journal

Hello friends. Here now is the latest news about The Swordsman Network.

First, and most important, I will not be able to resume my works any time soon. I don’t have the resources, and even if I do, the works themselves have already become too much for just one man. Furthermore, with the increasing censorship and persecution on the internet in regards to free speech, I now fear to continue building my ministry without help from others who know much more than me about these things.

Primarily, this means then that my plan of transforming my main blog to a self-hosted, static Hugo site is now indefinitely suspended. (It’s likely that this delay will take a couple of years.) I may also close down (for now) some of my other sites and internet accounts. I’ll talk more about this later, when I’m sure of what to do.

But there is good news, my friends, and that good news is that I have a new study journal, a P2 blog, called Swordsman Beginnings. This journal will be the birthplace of the essays I’ll write someday for Swordsman of the Word, and this will be my main blogging concern for the next few years — while my life is being settled, and while I prepare to resume my works.

So you see, my friends, I’m not forsaking blogging at all. I’m just gonna do something different for a while :)

Please follow my new blog, and don’t forget to read the About page. (I’ve just finished setting it up, and I will make my next post in a few days.)

P.S. — I’m going to reblog here my posts in Swordsman Beginnings, but this may be only temporary, maybe a few months. And that is because I’m thinking of closing down this blog, when there is no longer a great need for it.

*More Delays

Hello friends. Sad news. Despite my best efforts to accomplish the changes I’ve planned for The Swordsman Network, especially the transformation of my main blog to a static website, recent events in my life have conspired to keep me away from that work. For reasons I won’t talk about, I am now unable to proceed.

Still, I know that God is in control, and that all this is his work, and so I’m again waiting for his guidance and provision for this ministry.

Meanwhile, I’ll be studying, readying myself even more for blogging (and for whatever else God wants me to do).

If you want to support me, even though I’m not producing anything at the moment, please send your donations through my Ko-fi page (I’m accepting money by PayPal and credit/debit cards). If you’re living in the Philippines, you can also send me your donations through GCash, Smart Padala, and Palawan Express. Please contact me for my financial details if you want to support me through these channels.

You can reach me through this address: arjayarana at protonmail dot com

*Changes to The Swordsman Network

Hello friends. I’ve started the process of moving this blog and transforming it into a static website. Traffic to swordsmanoftheword.com now goes to this blog’s new place in NearlyFreeSpeech.net. It’s an inexpensive DIY web hosting service that is also a strong proponent of free speech (one that is even more permissive than WordPress.com). I’m hoping that Swordsman of the Word has indeed found its new home, and that I wouldn’t have to move again for many years to come.

Anyway, this announcement talks about the changes that this move brings to The Swordsman Network. And the most important of these changes is that I won’t be closing down this original blog of Swordsman of the Word after all, but repurposing it. Yay!

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*Swordsman of the Word is moving…

Hello friends. BIG NEWS. I’m moving Swordsman of the Word to a new web hosting service. More, I’m rebuilding it from a dynamic WordPress site to a static website using Hugo. But first, before I talk more about this….

I said in my last announcement that, because I’m going to close down my Patreon account, I’ve created two new accounts in Ko-fi and Liberapay to handle your gifts to me — Ko-fi for one-time donations, and Liberapay for recurrent donations. However, because of PayPal limitations in Liberapay, I’ve closed down my account on it just a few days later.

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