*My New Bibles Website

Hello friends. I have a brand-new site for Swordsman Network, and it’s called — simply enough — Free Online Bibles.

In this website, I have gathered into one place three of the best Bibles from eBible.org — WEB, ASV, & KJV — and I’ve used the very HTML pages they are published in (which are available for download) to create the website. To suit them for my purposes, I’ve slightly modified the HTML pages, but not the biblical text (of course!).

These three Bibles are in the Public Domain, and so I’m free to publish them in this way — as part of the foundations of my blogging ministry. Meaning… that I will refer to them, read them, study them, build the ministry on them. And of course, you can do these things too, if you want.

Recently, I wrote about rebuilding our towers upon the Rock…. Well, making this website that contains three good translations of God’s Word available to all of you — a website that feels more personal than other Bible sites (at least, that’s how I feel) — is one sure way of doing that.

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I do have another website like this, but only for the World English Bible. It’s the one I’ve been linking to in the WEB Audio Bible. Well, that website is no more. I’ve deleted it, and replaced it with this new one. A much better one.

And so… what that means is that I’ll be even more delayed in publishing the audio Bible, because I’ll also be updating the links I’ve already made, not just the formatting… :(

Oh well….

*Website Redesigned

Hello friends. In the light of the new path that Swordsman Network is taking — to become a full-fledged website that serves as the news, portal, and resource site for Swordsman of the Word — a website that hosts audiobooks as its special function — I’ve had to change this blog’s theme and then redesigned it. And that is because the previous theme I was using is not well-suited to publishing lengthy literature, and it doesn’t showcase well the resources I’ve planned to publish.

The good news is that I have now finished this redesign (as you will see when you visit this site online). The fonts I’ve selected are formal, as befitting the website’s purpose. And the colors, I hope, are easy on the eyes, for long reading. There’s no sidebar, but the footer is a good place to advertise the audiobooks and other resources. This new theme I’m using, called Hever, is one of the recent ones (though it’s a bit older than my last theme), and it uses the latest WordPress technologies. Because of this, I’m hoping that it will serve me for many years before I had to change it again.

That’s the good news. But there’s also a bit of bad news that this redesign has brought — formatting problems, esp. on the pages of the WEB Audio Bible I’ve been publishing. I’m more than halfway through the work, but because of this, I have to edit those pages again before I can continue.

And so, my friends, even though I’m committed to finish publishing this audio Bible as soon as possible (I see this as one necessary foundation for my blogging, and I’m feeling the urgency to complete the task), the work is now unavoidably delayed.

And because it is already delayed, I’m also taking this time to step back a little and deal with the other things I’ve been neglecting because of this work, like my writing.

The remaining days of this month of May. This is the time I’m allotting to finish publishing the WEB Audio Bible.

A path I’ve never imagined… plus faith talk

LibriVox books

I’ve been busy. Not with writing, sorry. But with planning the future of this blog, Swordsman Network, and with publishing the WEB Audio Bible. And this is just the beginning. For the next several months, as God provides, I’m going to turn this blog into a full-fledged website that hosts audiobooks of the Bible and some other priceless and classic Christian literature (the conservative kind, of course). These audiobooks, unless I find other free sources, will all come from LibriVox.

Truly, this is a path for this WordPress.com blog that I’ve never imagined — when I moved Swordsman of the Word out of here, to be transformed into a static Hugo site and to be self-hosted.

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*Hosting the WEB Audio Book

Hello friends. I’m starting a small project for the Swordsman Network blog. I’m going to host here the full audio book of the World English Bible, the one recorded by Winfred Henson and released by LibriVox. There are 89 recordings in all, each one about 70 minutes in length, and each recording will get a page here in the blog. There will also be links to the biblical text, so you can read along while listening.

Obviously, this project is going to take some time to complete, but I’m putting now in public view the links and pages to it, even though it’s still being worked on. And that is because right now I’m only borrowing a laptop to do these works I can’t do in my smartphone, and our internet connection these days are not that reliable. So it’s better for me to work on this project little by little, than to reveal it to you all at once when it’s completed.

As some of you may know, I was working on my own small collection of Christian resources, Swordsman Library, but my work on that was suspended, along with some of my other works. The best thing I can do for now is to publish some resources here in the Swordsman Network blog, and this WEB Audio Book is going to be one of my price items.

And as to my purpose for publishing these resources: There’s a plethora of Christian literature and multimedia out there — some good, some bad — and they can be overwhelming and intimidating. These resources I’ve personally selected and recommend can help you to make a good start in your studies and inquiries.

SB: Rebuilding Our Towers Upon the Rock

Post from Swordsman Beginnings

Being a longtime user of secondhand computers has taught me two important lessons: 1) don’t depend too much on the computer (as if my entire life would come to a halt if it breaks down), and as much as possible, be always prepared to transfer my work on another unit; and 2) always have backups of my important files, both in USB drives and DVDs.

Furthermore, being a longtime Windows user has taught me another important lesson, and that is, to never build some important works that are fully dependent on the operating system itself (and other commercial applications). And that is because, some years down the road, the OS will inevitably and drastically change (and so do the applications built on it), and it will most likely leave my works obsolete. (Therefore, all my investments of money, time, energy, and creativity will be lost!) Mind you, I’m not a power user or a programmer, but this affects me as a regular user nonetheless. Just imagine the vast amount of computer programs ever written (and all that went into producing them) that have become unusable because the systems they were built for are now no more.


Leaving the past behind… yet again

For the past several days I’ve been hard at work: 1) doing my laundry (about three weeks worth of dirty clothes), and 2) cleaning and reorganizing my room.

Of course, I have an excuse for the first: I’ve been very busy setting up my blogs & sites, so that I can come back to blogging. And for the second, well, it’s something I don’t do very often. You see, our house is beside the road, and my room overlooks the street, and so dust (and noise!) have always been my enemies from time immemorial. It takes a lot of willpower, energy, and time to do a general cleaning, and being a man, such chores have always been low in my priorities :)

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To seek to be blessed is not wrong

I’ve come across a meme on Facebook that claims a quote from a certain preacher. The message is this: It is idolatry to follow Christ for the sake of a better life; instead we should follow him for his own sake (and not for the blessings he can give us), because he’s worthy.

I can’t vouch for the veracity of the quote, but I think it’s probably wrong. And do you know why I think that, my friends? Because no true evangelist or pastor will ever say that!

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SB: The One Who Will Never Let Us Down

Post from Swordsman Beginnings

The Christian has this one great assurance from God — an assurance for victory — an assurance that is, unfortunately, often under-estimated and taken for granted. And that is because, let’s face it, he is God, and he is “supposed to be” perfect — any good thing that he does, or any good thing about him, are all a given.

However, to the one who has experienced rejections and betrayals in the hands of people, even the Church — to the one who knows what it means to be alone, helpless, and hopeless — this assurance is precious. Priceless. Worth fighting for. Worth sacrificing for. Definitely worth our lives and loyalty.

As Moses said to the Israelites as they were preparing to conquer the Promised Land, “Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid or scared of them, for Yahweh your God himself is who goes with you. He will not fail you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6 WEB).

My friends, I’m talking about the faithfulness of God.


*Founding Documents Republished

Hello friends. Since my blog for Swordsman of the Word is temporarily unavailable, I’ve republished in Swordsman Beginnings the ministry’s New Founding Documents. You can find the links below. (Note that there is a last essay I haven’t written yet.)

Running this Blogging Race Once Again (Dec. 27, 2019) — Despite all the energy, time, and tears I’ve already spent on this blog, I’ve still waited on God — for him to prove to me that he really wants me to spend a significant part of my life blogging for him.

A God-Centered, People-Oriented Blogging (Feb. 8, 2020) — I’ve been redefining the ministry in the light of who and what I am now as a Christian… and also in the light of my experiences and the results of my efforts since I started this blog….

*Adopting TGC’s Confession and the Creeds (Jul. 2, 2020) — Before I resume writing for this blog, I would like to settle first one necessary foundation, and that is a clear declaration of my theological position and convictions.

A Hard-Won Triumph of My Faith (Aug. 9, 2020) — I never thought that the next two years would turn out to be such a struggle getting this ministry off the ground, and that they would bring me — in addition to the blessings — much pain, hardships, and regrets.

A Vocation That Is Like No Other (Sep. 30, 2020) — God has ordained it that I, Arjay, would not stand among them — other believers — but to stand a bit separated from them. On the boundaries. At the gates. I am a Swordsman of the Word, and I stand at the gates.

SB: Too good to be true? Or just plain unbelief?

Post from Swordsman Beginnings

We Christians often speak about how BIG our God is — how powerful, how awesome, and how mighty he is. And because he is that, we can dream about doing great things for him, and we are assured that no matter what kind of troubles we might find ourselves in, he is able to defeat our enemies for us. We proudly speak that with him, with our powerful God, nothing is impossible if we believe.

All of these are true, of course, with this one caveat that anything is possible with God only if it is according to his will. (Because God is not our personal genie.)  And yet… how many of us Christians truly live our lives in the light of this magnificence and almightiness of God? How many of us do attempt to accomplish seemingly impossible things? Not many I would say. Because here is the catch: For God to be powerful in your own life, you have got to have faith in him. In his perfect character. In his sovereignty. In his very nature as God. The faith to follow him in his difficult ways, and to obey his Word. The faith to risk everything in exchange for his blessings.