*Trying out ClassicPress

Hello friends. Just a quick update. As I said in my last announcement, I’ve been busy these past few weeks laying down the path for my migration to self-hosted WordPress as my transitional CMS. And the result of this work is that I now have a prototype website that I can reproduce as many times as I want — for testing purposes, and to serve as the basis for the final website.

However, my doubts about WordPress linger. In fact, they have grown, now that I know more about its development. For it’s not just about the block editor anymore, which I don’t really like. It’s now more about the overall direction that WordPress is stubbornly heading. The bottom line is, I don’t want Full Site Editing on WordPress, which is the ultimate goal of Gutenberg. I don’t need it, and neither do millions of other people. My focus is on content creation — on writing — and the block editor has taken the fun out of that. (There are some plugins that disables Gutenberg and brings back the Classic Editor, but this is not a long-term solution.)

And so, before I commit to WordPress, I made one last look at some of the available CMS alternatives… and that’s when I discover ClassicPress. It’s a fork of WordPress 4.9 — the last major release of WordPress without Gutenberg. You can read more about this CMS here: 10 Reasons to Switch to ClassicPress from WordPress 4.9

And so right now I’m trying out ClassicPress. I’ve already installed it in my webhost, and things seem to be working fine. If all goes well, then ClassicPress will be my CMS of choice, and the website I’m building will no longer be transitional, but the real deal.

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A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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