*Moving to self-hosted WordPress

Hello friends. BIG NEWS. I’m going to move Swordsman Network and Swordsman Beginnings to a single self-hosted WordPress site (using the open-source software from WordPress.org). The new website will still be called Swordsman Network, but with my study journal now an integral part of it. Also, my plan to host and curate Christian resources remains unchanged. They will all be parts of this new website.

I’ve made this decision because I want now to be free of the limitations of WordPress.com, especially their terms of service. Most important, since I’m investing a lot of my time and energy here, especially in publishing the resources, I want to be sure that I really own my websites and my data.

There is a high price for this move, of course. I need to study on how to do this and how to maintain my site, and I’ll probably be cut off from the WordPress.com cloud. (Paid JetPack costs a lot, and I’m not sure about the free version.) I’m on a low budget, and my goal is to be as economical as possible.

Another sad consequence of this move is that my works on publishing the Christian resources are suspended. I’ll resume the works when the new website is up and running in its new place.

The one good news is that these changes won’t happen right away. I have until the first week of November to make this move (that’s when my present plan for Swordsman Network expires). And so for now I’ll just keep on writing.

Published by Arjay B. Araña

A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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