A path I’ve never imagined… plus faith talk

LibriVox books

I’ve been busy. Not with writing, sorry. But with planning the future of this blog, Swordsman Network, and with publishing the WEB Audio Bible. And this is just the beginning. For the next several months, as God provides, I’m going to turn this blog into a full-fledged website that hosts audiobooks of the Bible and some other priceless and classic Christian literature (the conservative kind, of course). These audiobooks, unless I find other free sources, will all come from LibriVox.

Truly, this is a path for this WordPress.com blog that I’ve never imagined — when I moved Swordsman of the Word out of here, to be transformed into a static Hugo site and to be self-hosted.

I’ve known about LibriVox for years, and I had listened to some of their recordings. But this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to give something back to that community. Of course, my primary purpose is not the hosting itself, but to provide my readers with the resources they need for spiritual growth. The fact that these audiobooks are far more appealing than just their plain text versions is only a secondary benefit.

You can find the tentative list of audiobooks that I plan to publish (together with some other materials) in my Resources page. And there might be more, if God wills it that I upgrade my current WordPress.com plan, and so increase this website’s files storage capacity.

Note: Maybe publishing these resources here in Swordsman Network, limited though they may be, will already fulfill the need for Swordsman Library — the small online library that I had also been planning. Therefore, I might forever scrap my dream for that, if this turns out to be the case.

When I came back to blogging last March, all I planned to do is to study and to write for my study journal, Swordsman Beginnings. But now I’m also writing my musings, like this one, and I’m publishing audiobooks online.

And truly, I am excited about this new direction. The rewards that may come could be great once I’ve published these audiobooks. But the reality is, the work is tedious, and time consuming. The dream of having all these audiobooks streaming live and loud from this website is wonderful, but the path to get there is filled with hard work. And for what? For that time in the future when my blogging ministry, Swordsman of the Word, is finally widely known, and people are coming in (by the millions?) to listen to them.

Yes, this is an act of faith. Like with the many things I’ve done that had no immediate rewards, and had no immediate sense, hosting and publishing these audiobooks are acts of faith.

Like my determination itself to purse this blogging ministry no matter what.

My desktop computer is dead, since January. I need a brand-new one. (I no longer want to continue building the ministry on unreliable computers.) Right now I have no supporters, and there’s no money coming in. And so I’m blogging using a borrowed laptop and my smartphone. Moreover, my writings themselves are not easy on the ears, and they are even offensive to some. Yes, I sure am not Mr. Popular. I also don’t have a church to back me up — no siblings to depend on. For there are just no people in my life right now who could open some doors for me. (Those who could have… had instead turned their backs on me.)

Yes, this doesn’t make sense. As many would say (and as some had already said), it’s high time that I go and find a “real” job!

Besides, I’m not your usual blogger who blogs for the usual reasons. I’m not someone who bows down to search engines and the demands of my audience for the sake of increased page views (and revenue). Rather, I blog by faith, and I bow to no one (and to no thing) except my God. By faith, I write for people who might not yet know that I exist (but who will, someday), and for people who might not even like what I have to say. By faith, I prepare myself and my websites for that time when I will be greatly used by God — as a blogger, as a writer, as a Swordsman of the Word. By faith, I am here to serve you, my friends, and to tell you the truths about God and about life, even if that service brings me nothing but pain and scorn from you.

Yes, this kind of blogging just doesn’t make sense — not in the monetary sense, and certainly not in the popularity sense. The only way this will make sense is IF there is really a God — the God I’m working for, the one who has called me to this ministry, and the one who will provide for my needs. Because if there isn’t — if all these things are just in my imagination — then all that I’ve done all these years, and all that I’ve sacrificed, are in vain, and I am the most pitiable of fools.

But there is a God. There is Almighty God. The God of the Bible. The God of Israel. The God of all true followers of Jesus Christ. The everlasting and ever-faithful God. YAHWEH. And he won’t let me down.

Published by Arjay B. Araña

A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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