*Hosting the WEB Audio Book

Hello friends. I’m starting a small project for the Swordsman Network blog. I’m going to host here the full audio book of the World English Bible, the one recorded by Winfred Henson and released by LibriVox. There are 89 recordings in all, each one about 70 minutes in length, and each recording will get a page here in the blog. There will also be links to the biblical text, so you can read along while listening.

Obviously, this project is going to take some time to complete, but I’m putting now in public view the links and pages to it, even though it’s still being worked on. And that is because right now I’m only borrowing a laptop to do these works I can’t do in my smartphone, and our internet connection these days are not that reliable. So it’s better for me to work on this project little by little, than to reveal it to you all at once when it’s completed.

As some of you may know, I was working on my own small collection of Christian resources, Swordsman Library, but my work on that was suspended, along with some of my other works. The best thing I can do for now is to publish some resources here in the Swordsman Network blog, and this WEB Audio Book is going to be one of my price items.

And as to my purpose for publishing these resources: There’s a plethora of Christian literature and multimedia out there — some good, some bad — and they can be overwhelming and intimidating. These resources I’ve personally selected and recommend can help you to make a good start in your studies and inquiries.

Published by Arjay B. Araña

A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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