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Hello friends. I just want to present to you the Bibles and other references I’ll be using in my studies and blogging. As you may have realized, with my study journal, Swordsman Beginnings, I’m killing two birds with one stone: using materials and inspiration from my required studies to write my blog posts.

For now my studies are focused on the Bible, and I’m going back to the basics — to strengthen my own foundations by remembering the fundamentals, and to bring you along with me in that exciting and discovery-filled journey.

The primary version of the Bible I’m using is the English Standard Version, which is an essentially literal translation. It’s the one I read and study in depth. Coming on second is the public-domain World English Bible, which is the one I use for my blog posts.

Then coming on third are these three study Bibles, which are designed for people who are either new or inquiring about the Christian faith (study Bibles are Bibles interspersed with notes and articles to help and guide the reader) —

  • The New Student Bible (NIV) (1992)
  • The Journey: The Study Bible for Spiritual Seekers (NIV) (1996)
  • The Way (NLT) (2012)

With these study Bibles, I only plan to read the notes and articles they contain. Also, I may get some of my ideas for my blog posts from those notes and articles.

My own personal reading of the Bible, however, will not correspond with my writing, because I have separate plans for both. For my reading, I’m going to read first all of the New Testament, and then the Old Testament. For my writing, I’m going to follow one of the reading plans in the Student Bible, which assigns only one chapter per day, and focuses on topics that are most important. (This is just perfect for my blogging purposes.) Of course, I won’t be blogging everyday, and I may write more than one post for every assigned chapter, and so my going will be much slower than that of the reading plan.

And then coming on last as my reference is the classic Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Bible. Like the World English Bible, I only have electronic copies of this commentary, and my purpose in using it is to make sure that my writings are in accord with the orthodox teachings of the church. (In the times when this commentary would not suffice, then I will consult my theology books.)

Finally, and for your pleasure, I will make available to you the references I’ve used for each of my blog posts. Those will be the text and audio recording of the entire Bible chapter, and the commentary text on the verse or verses I’m writing about. These references will be posted here in the Swordsman Network blog.

So that’s it. I’m now ready to get back to work. And I do hope that these plans of mine will pour blessings not only to me but also to you, my friends. Expect then my next blog post in a few days.

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A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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