*Closing down Swordsman Community and my other sites

Hello friends. As you already know, my blogging efforts for the next few years will be focused on my new study-journal blog, Swordsman Beginnings. In view of this, I’m closing down temporarily some of my sites and accounts that are connected to The Swordsman Network.

Of my ministry sites, I’m retaining only the following:

  • My main web address at swordsmanoftheword.com
  • My blog for The Swordsman Network
  • My blog for Swordsman Beginnings
  • My Ko-fi page for your donations

And of my social media accounts, I’m retaining only Facebook.

I would have liked to resume writing for Swordsman Community, but the sad fact is that I just cannot, not in my present circumtances.

And as to my main web address, I will put up there a better landing page explaining the present state of the ministry.

I will make these changes over the next several days.

Published by Arjay B. Araña

A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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