*Changes to The Swordsman Network

Hello friends. I’ve started the process of moving this blog and transforming it into a static website. Traffic to swordsmanoftheword.com now goes to this blog’s new place in NearlyFreeSpeech.net. It’s an inexpensive DIY web hosting service that is also a strong proponent of free speech (one that is even more permissive than WordPress.com). I’m hoping that Swordsman of the Word has indeed found its new home, and that I wouldn’t have to move again for many years to come.

Anyway, this announcement talks about the changes that this move brings to The Swordsman Network. And the most important of these changes is that I won’t be closing down this original blog of Swordsman of the Word after all, but repurposing it. Yay!

This old blog will soon become the network’s very own blog, and it will be redesigned and renamed to The Swordsman Network. However, it’ll be more like a Profile Page than a real blog, with much less unique content. Still, this will remain my main foothold here in WordPress.com.

What this means for you, my friends, is that you won’t have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to follow me, because I’ll be posting here the links to my new posts in Swordsman of the Word, as well as my announcements. (I will no longer post announcements in the main blog when it becomes live, but only here and in my newsletter.)

The other changes are these:

  • I will have a new simple website that will serve as my Profile Page. All official references to me and my works — as a blogger, pastor, webmaster, publisher, etc. — will be directed to this website.

  • As announced, I’ve already closed down my Patreon creator account. Your financial gifts to me (as well as my future online selling) will now be handled by my Ko-fi Page.

  • The PDF files of my blog posts will now also be distributed through Ko-fi. Like before, they will still be free and CC-licensed, but by downloading them through my store, you will now have the option of leaving me a tip :)

  • I’ve temporarily closed down my proposed pastoral blog, The Pastor Swordsman. I’ll work on this again when Swordsman of the Word is already settled. Most likely, I will also transform it into a static website, and then rename it and make it independent of the network.

  • I’ve also closed down SC Resources, both the Facebook and Google Groups, for the simple reason that I no longer have the time for them. This shut down may be permanent.

  • Lastly, I’ve closed down for good my self-hosted WordPress website that is under construction — Swordsman Library. Someday I might still resurrect this project, but if I do, it’ll be as a collection of static websites. (For the present time, all my publishing efforts will be focused on producing the Christian ebooks I’ll be selling.)

The following remain as stable parts of the network:

  • My Swordsman Community blog here in WordPress.com, and its two outposts in Facebook and Tumblr.

  • My Google Sites: World English Bible, Time-Tested Sermons, and Classic Devotionals. (With the shut down of my library project, these “temporary” sites will be serving for a long time.)

  • My updates blog and YouTube channel for the Google Sites.

With all these great changes happening, I definitely won’t be back to writing any time soon. I need to settle first my foundations before I can have again the time to serve you, my friends. Maybe I can be back in February, but I’m making no promises.

Nevertheless, even though I’ll not be writing for a while, I still need your support. Your donations will be much appreciated :)

Buy me now a coffee to assuage my thirst while I work.

Published by Arjay B. Araña

A Christian blogger. A Swordsman of the Word.

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